The oldest solar company in the Southeast

Tim Blackwell


Tim Blackwell is the Founder of OneWorld Sustainable. Tim is a solar veteran who has overseen and managed solar installations across the Southeast and Caribbean. Tim enjoys working with installers and customers to leverage the long-lasting benefits of solar power.

Doug Baird


Doug is a U.S. Army veteran with 20 years of experience in telecom, backup generator, led lighting, power factor correction, solar and finance. Doug enjoys finding unique ways where businesses can maximize savings and return on investment with renewable energy products.

Why Choose Oneworld?

We help Georgia poultry farmers preserve their way of life

The solar panels my company can install for you will do more than cut your yearly electric bill. They will also help you maintain your financial independence so you can keep your family farm and pass it onto the next generation.

I say to you with 100 percent certainty that solar panels will help Georgia poultry farmers like you preserve your way of life. And I believe preserving the farming way of life is going to bring us one step closer to making America great again.